Quality is an important aspect for our clients, especially when it comes to heavy duty equipment that will be used in high duty cycles and exposed to severe offshore and environmental conditions. Petro Globe Oil Services supplies certified high grade steel plates and pipes, and all load bearing parts are supported with the necessary material certificates. In addition, we can guarantee that our products have end-to-end traceability, where all load/stress parts are stamped with the heat number of the main raw material. This allows our clients to be sure that the product life cycle is registered and the quality of every individual part is traceable.  Most of our products have a product lifetime of several years, and if clients follow our prescribed maintenance schedule, this lifetime can also be extended.

Apart from supplying only the best materials available on the market, as part of our quality standards towards our clients, we follow a process to ensure the end user is satisfied throughout the whole processing order. Our methodologies allow us to smoothly go through any orders we receive, from evaluating together with the client the technical needs, inspecting the plant if needed through our team of engineers, select the best suppliers in terms of technical and commercial offers, order the necessary products, and handle technician inspections, transpiration , custom clearance and final documentation. All this is done through our expert team in order to provide you, our client, a smooth ordering experience.